How To Get Rid Of Sweat Stains On White Shirts

Looking for ways to get out sweat stains? Do you have a favorite blouse with sweat stains in it that has been hanging in your closet for years, that you've tried everything you knew to do to remove them? And the only reason why that blouse is still hanging in your closet, is because you spent an arm and a leg when you purchased it. Since sweating is a natural process, that helps control our body temperature, there is nothing that we can do or should want to do to sabotage this process. However, excessive sweating is a horse of a different hair color.

As we stated sweating is a natural and normal bodily function, especially underarm. Some of us sweat more than others and doing so leaves ugly and embarrassing sweat stains under the arm areas of our clothes. This is embarrassing since there is no way to hide the sweat stains day in and day out. That leaves us no other alternatives except to figure out how to get out sweat stains from our clothes.

Below are 5 methods to help remove stubborn sweat stains using products that's in or under your kitchen cabinet.

Frequently Asked Questions

    how to get rid of yellow sweat stains on white shirts/bras?
    My husbands white shirts have yellow armpit stains and since I have had my son I've been sweating so much and my once white breastfeeding bras are now can I fix them?

    • ANSWER:
      You can get rid of sweat stains with white vinegar.

      Pour undiluted white vinegar over the affected areas. Allow to sit for about 20 minutes. Then launder as usual.

      The acids in the Vinegar will break down the deposits from sweat, allowing your washer to wash them away. Plus, Vinegar is safe for all colors.

      Don't use bleach on those stains...bleach makes the stains worse.

      Hope this helps.


    Sweat stains on my white t-shirts.. how can I get rid of them?
    I tend to sweat a lot and then it stains my shirts. I've tried oxi clean and it just doesn't do anything it seems like. I don't want to use bleach, some times it tends to discolor and not make it bleach white. Plus I don't want to discolor the writing on my shirts.. please help?

    • ANSWER:
      Try this: Make a paste of baking soda and water. Rub it on those sweat stains. Then was as usual.

      That should take care of it.

    Any suggestions how to get sweat stains out of white shirts?
    I hate the yellow stains from anti-perspirant and sweat on white shirts. Nothing seems to get rid of it! Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I've used Era on all sorts of stains with good results. Pour it on the stain and let it set for a while before laundering as usual. If you have a serious problem with sweat stains, there are underarm shields that you can wear to absorb the perspiration or deodorants that minimize it. I've found that Dry Idea works well for me.

    How do you get rid of sweat stains(armpits)on a white t-shirt?
    I know gross right but Im an athlete and it really sucks having to throw away my t-shirts! Ive used bleach pens and that dosent work! HELP

    • ANSWER:
      Wash the t-shirts, then pour bottled lemon juice on the armpits of your shirts, then hang them outside to dry. The sunlight & the lemon juice will work great on removing the stains.

    how to get rid of sweat stains on clothes?
    how do you get rid of sweat stains from white shirts?

    • ANSWER:
      Smash up a few aspirin tablets (the non-gel-coated kind) and make it into a thick paste with some water. Spread the paste over the stain, let it "soak" for about an hour, then wash as normal. Also, putting a 1/4 cup of vinegar or bleach (use color-safe if it's not a white garment) to help get all the stain out.

    How do you get rid of sweat stains?
    Okay, this is really gross but I need to know if anyone knows how to get rid of sweat stains from the underarm on shirts? I have a gray and a white shirt that are stained and bleach does not work (for the white), don't know what to do. These are two of my favorite shirts and I'm trying to save them!! Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      At some point sweat stains will not all come out. This is because when we sweat our bodies put out not only water but salt in that sweat and salt sets stains. Bleach will remove some but not all and after a while that builds up.
      Some deodorants may help prevent these stains more then others you may want to experiment and see which works best for you.

    how to get rid off sweat stains?
    can someone tell me what the best way is to get rid of those sweat stains especially on white t-shirts?

    • ANSWER:
      Use Biz. If Biz doesn't get it out, nothing will. If the item has been in the dryer, it might not come out, but Biz has come to the rescue many times for me. Even after the dryer. Use as directed in your washing machine. But if it's a really tough stain you should pre-soak it.

      I make a concentrated mixture of about 1/4 cup Biz and 2 quarts water (or follow pre-soak instructions) and let the item soak overnight in a bucket, or something deep. Wash as usual and you can pour the Biz solution right into the washing machine. Do not use Bleach and Biz. They counteract each other.

      Biz is getting harder and harder to find, but it's out there. Biz contains enzymes. It is better than oxi cleaners and any other non-bleach cleaner. I've been using it for over 15 years. It has saved many, many garments and other fabric products.

    How do you get rid of sweat stains and keep clothes like new?
    i have a few white shirts with yellow sweat satins in the armpit. Is there a mixture you can put on it or something you can do to it? i also want to know if there is a way to keep my clothes looking like new and so they dont have the faded look. Thanks i really appreciate it!!!

    • ANSWER:
      for the yellow deodorant/antiperspirant stains in the underarm area, you can use a solution called deo-go to remove them. you can find out more about that product at the company's website (link below)

      if you'd like to keep your clothes bright without using bleach, you should take a look at an article I came across where a stay at home mom provides some advice on how to make your own home-made laundry detergent along with a couple other suggestions (link below as well)

      good luck!

    how do you get rid of armpit stains on white shirts?
    yellowey like in the underarm area on white shirts from possible anti-persperent and sweat.
    any ideas on how to remove them ?

    • ANSWER:
      Get a stainfighter that you spray on before you wash the shirt. Zout is the best one out there, it will be in the laundry aisle next to Shout and other stainfighters. Spray it on heavily, wait about 5 minutes and wash in hot water with a good detergent, like Tide.

    how do i get rid of sweat stains on my black leather car seat?
    unfortunately the thought never occured to me to change my shirt after a tough workout. so ive just been driving home from the gym in a wet shirt. i noticed right where my back hits the seat theres a white residue on it. i tried leather cleaner and it wont work. suggestions? the car is barely a year old and the white on the black leather looks terrible

    • ANSWER:
      You can try a farm and rance supply store, they have really good quality leather cleaners and conditioners for a reasonable price.

    How do I get rid of pit stains in white shirts?
    Over the years (of NOT NOT NOT sweating excessively!!!!) I get pit stains on my white shirts that I love. I've tried using Hydrogen Peroxide on them, but it never really seems to work. And I've used many different deodorants and such, so it's not that.
    I'll put the Peroxide of the stain for about 15-30 minutes, then wash the shirt and then air dry. I've tried this many, many times and it doesn't work.
    Lastly, I've looked at the other people who have asked this question, and there were a lot of bogus answers, so unless you have a real answer to my annoying problem, don't write anything. I don't need someone telling me I need to switch my deodorants, thank you. I have some favorite shirts of mine that I may have to throw out because of this problem, and I would really like an answer from life experience for those who share my problem. : )

    • ANSWER:
      try adding 1 cup of vinegar to your washload that should take care of any stains and odors in your shirts and the rest of your clothing.

    Sweat stains on white tshirts .... :( ?
    How do I get rid of them??! I sweat alot and it always makes my shirts be yellow underneath the arms! What are some ways to make them go away? I try washing the shirts but the stains never fade or do anything
    I really wanted to do this:
    "Use vinegar and baking soda to form a thick paste. rub it into the fabric of the shirt and scrub together using your hands. Wash with like colors (whites) in your normal wash cycle."
    But I dont have any vinegar.
    Soooooo, what are some ways to get these things out?

    Cheers :)

    • ANSWER:
      What you're dealing with are mineral deposits...deposits of aluminum chlorohydrate +minerals from perspiration.

      You can get rid of them with white vinegar.

      Pour undiluted white vinegar over the areas. Allow to sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Then launder as usual.

      The acids in the Vinegar will break down the deposits, allowing your washer to wash them away. Plus, Vinegar is safe for all colors.

      Chlorine bleach (Clorox) makes those stains worse, so avoid using Clorox.


    How do you get rid of sweat mark stain.?
    I have a white shirt that I really like to wear, but I can't because there is a Light Brown kinda looking colour stain on it.
    Right underneath the armpits so it is a swear mark stain.
    The shirt is white. I have tried to use Tide but it didn't help to much, if there is any other suggestions they would be great help.

    • ANSWER:
      Oxy clean works great for this problem. Soak your shirt in a bucket with some oxy clean & then wash it like normal. Your white shirt will be whiter & the stains will be gone.

    How do I get rid of pre-existing sweat stains?
    I have a white Play comme des garcons T-shirt that can't be machine washed, dry cleaned, or bleached. It was not until a few days after the last time I wore it that I had realized sweat stains were beginning to form again (I had previously handwashed to get rid of them, but had little luck with that this time). I had already stopped wearing deodorant with that shirt for the past little while (odor isn't really a problem as I don't usually omit much B.O. anyways). Does this mean that the chemicals from the deodorant I used to wear are still existent on my shirt? If so, how do I get rid of them? I don't mind using white vinegar on it as long as the smell doesn't stay on.

    • ANSWER:
      I gather from your question that the T-shirt is hand-washable. If the shirt is hand-washable, you can wash it in your machine...cold water, regular detergent. Just avoid machine-drying it the shirt...hang it to air dry. If you machine dry an item that is "hand wash only", the dryer can ruin the item.

      As for the sweat stains, those stains are mineral deposits...deposits of Aluminium chlorohydrate + minerals from perspiration. Part of the stain is from sweat, itself, so nixing the deodorant won't prevent them.

      However, you can get rid of the stains with white vinegar.

      Pour undiluted white vinegar over the underarm areas. Allow to sit for about 20 minutes. Then launder as usual.

      The acids in the Vinegar will break down the deposits, allowing your washer to wash them away. Plus, Vinegar is safe for all colors.

      Don't use bleach on them....bleach makes those stains worse.


    Getting rid of set-in sweat stains?
    I've always had a problem with sweat stains as a young teen and it has ruin so many of my favorite white shirts. So I left them all hanging up in the closet. I found an old favorite last night and really wanted to wear it, checked the pits and they were yellow :[ So I googled NUMEROUS tips and tricks. Crushed Aspirin paste; Baking Soda paste, you name it. Now because I'm really low on everyday house hold products, all I could use were the two pastes listed above. They actually did a REALLY NICE JOB removing most of the yellow. But it's not all gone. You can tell that there are still stains on the armpit of the shirt, but they are more of a really light buttery yellow. How can I finish removing the stains? I'm on my second application of the pastes and I'm waiting for them to finish up. Should I stop wasting my time with them and take it to the cleaners, or is there anything else I can do about it from home? Does Bleach work really well or should I mix peroxide and baking soda and apply that?

    • ANSWER:
      Bleach will work. Apply it directly and only on the spots. You just have to keep an eye on it. Once the yellow is gone wash the shirt/s immediatly otherwise if left on too long the bleach can eat through the material.

    How do I get rid of yellow underarm stains on my white blouses?
    I can only wear white blouses for work. I live in a very hot place, drive 40 minutes to work with no a/c. Therefore I sweat like a pig and my underarm area on my blouses are yellow. I have tried bleach, baking soda & vinegar, shout, oxyclean but nothing works. I cannot afford to buy more shirts. PLEASE HELP

    • ANSWER:
      Here are some tips (from the experts) on perspiration stain removal from your shirts - I have personally tried only two, but they worked very well for me; you'll have to experiment and see which ones work for you (also -please see reference sites below as they go into much more detail!)
      1) Use a simple detergent - try those that contain oxygenated ingredients, or, those that claim to remove protein-based stains such as food and grass stains. Apply the detergent on the affected area and let it remain that way for 30 minutes. Then launder as usual and air dry.
      2) Use hydrogen peroxide solution for removing sweat stains from white fabrics. It reacts with the proteins present in the perspiration residue and breaks them down. Mix equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and water and pour the liquid onto the stain allowing it to soak for at least 30 minutes. Launder in cool water and air dry. If the stain still remains, soak it for another 30 minutes in a solution with a heavier dose of hydrogen peroxide.
      3) Use Cream of Tartar and aspirin: May seem like a bizarre combination but it has apparently been known to work wonders. Make a paste with one tablespoon of Cream of Tartar (you'll find it in the grocery store in the baking aisle) three crushed full-strength aspirins (they should be white and have no colored coating) and a cup of warm water and scrub in the stained area with an old toothbrush. Leave it on for about 20-30 minutes. Rinse the affected area in warm water until the paste is completely removed.
      4) Martha Stewart suggests this natural remedy to whiten fabrics, socks and linens: Fill a large pot with water, drop in several lemon halves, bring to a boil, then turn off the heat. Add your clothing/linens and let them soak for an hour; then remove and launder as usual.

      Other Suggestions: Try wearing inexpensive T-shirts under your good outer shirt to protect it from getting perspiration stains in the underarm area. Also, if possible, carry a change of shirts with you so you can change at least once in the course of the day. Avoid wearing synthetic fabric shirts - instead wear natural fabrics like cotton which allows your skin to breathe and permits sweat to dry more quickly.
      Note: NEVER iron a shirt (or any other fabric) that has become yellowed by perspiration because the heat from the iron will further set the stains!
      Last ditch desperate measure: Ask your Dr. for a prescription deodorant - some brands include Drysol, Driclor for those with acute underarm sweating and Certain Dri Maxim and 5-Day for milder cases of underarm sweating.

    how do i keep yellow stains out of the armpits of white t-shirts?
    I know that they come from sweat but what can I add to the laundry to prevent or get rid of them? I already use bleach on my whites...

    • ANSWER:
      I've had this problem for year with dress shirts. I changed my anti-pirsperant from a white cake type to a clear gel and it seems to have really reduced the problem. I didn't change brands, just the type. I've also had good luck with adding oxy-clean to the laundry to help brighten laundry.

    How can I get rid of or prevent pit stains on my shirts?
    I honsetly don't sweat much but I get nasty pit stains on some of my shirts and don't know how to get them out! I like to wear plain white tank tops under a lot of my clothes and I find myself always having to buy new ones because they get discolored under the pits quickly. And I have a few darker colored shirts where theres deodorant on the shirt in the pits and it feels sorta greasy like doedorant but they won't wsh off no matter how hard I try. I have tried many different kinds and brands of deodorant and nothing seems to help...any suggestions? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Try sponging the areas with white vinegar, letting it soak for a few hours and washing.

      Also try a different form of deodorant/antiperspirant. Get a roll on or a soft gel. If you're using those stick things, that's the issue. They contain a wax like substance (that's how they are solid at room temp.) and that gets transferred to your clothing.

      You can try a stain remover, Simple Green and a lot more but honestly, I've never found anything that removes the build up once it's there without damaging the fabric.

      Adding a cup of white vinegar to your rinse water may help hold off the issue by removing water mineral deposits, laundry product residues also. And once the clothing is dried, the vinegar smell goes away.

      And the white vinegar won't remove color either.

    how to get rid of a set in sweat stain?
    it's on my white shirt and i've tried everything-bleach,hydrogen peroxide, vinegar,salt and water, shout stain remover and the stain is still there. it has lightened but it's still there. how do i get rid of it?

    • ANSWER:
      Use the shout again (or Spray and Wash) and rub the stain remover into the fabric. Let it soak at least 1/2 hour and rewash. To help prevent those awful yellow stains, switch to a non-staining deodorant (Dove makes a good one) and stop using fabric softener and dryer sheets. Those products leave a waxy residue on the clothing which makes clothes feel soft and it also makes them stain easily.

    washing clothes & sweat stains?
    which clothes do you wash in cold water, hot/cold, and hot?
    i know if you don't wash in hot water it's more eco-friendly. i usually keep my washer on hot/cold...

    also, my dad is a mail carrier and wears white t's under his uniform shirt, and they have sweat stains. i was wondering how i can help him get rid of them? also, my brother has some sweat stains on the underarms of his shirts, so i'd like to help him out also :) some of his shirts have designs on them, so i haven't tried bleach on them bc i fear it will mess up the design, and if i just put it on the armpits i'm afraid the armpits will end up brighter than the rest of the shirt, lol.
    thanks! :)

    • ANSWER:
      Put some lemon juice on them, it works very well with sweat stains and just plain stains also.

    Help getting rid of stain?
    Several of my t-shirts have sweat stains on the underarm area and I want to know how to get them out without fading the color on color shirts and without making it appear too white [whiter than actual shirt] with white shirts, any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      lestoil grease and stain remover is a miracle worker for me

    How do i remove "soaked in" deoderant stains?
    My deoderant stains the underarms of my darker colored shirts. I think it happens when I sweat. After going through the wash who knows how many times, it still exists. This is especially prominent because i have a huge white mark under each arm on my black shirts, which is equivalent in size to a sweat stain after a long workout, so it is noticeable. How do I get rid of it??

    • ANSWER:
      I use tide to go. it sometimes gets rid of my stains from deo. if it doesn't work, try oxi clean for colored clothing. Good luck! deo. can be a pain in the butt.

    Underarm Sweat and Yellow Stains! HELP!?
    Hey so this is really disgusting, but i am a 15 year old guy and i tend to sweat out of my arm pits a lot, sometimes not even during activities, but it is very noticeable, disgusting, and embarrassing. So now i have 2 questions.

    1. How do i stop the under arm sweat or atleast what color shirts, that go good with black shorts, can help cover up the stains and sweat.

    2. HELP! i have gross yellow stains on my white work out shirts! How do i get rid of these they are nasty and embarrassing! thanks

    • ANSWER:

    How can i get rid of this stain?
    My uniform shirts have yellow stains on the underarm part but you can only see them if you turn the shirt inside out. Well I have tried scrubbing the stains out with clorox since the shirt is white and on top of that with detergent but it doesn't work. And I want to get rid of those stains before they start showing on the other side. And if your wondering why those stains are there its because I live in Puerto Rico and its freakin hot so that causes me to sweat like a pig. Well can anyone suggest another method to get the stains out fast??

    • ANSWER:
      This may not get out the stains that have already set in on the inside but it will stop them from getting worse and stop new shirts from getting them. First understand it is caused by the deodorant you wear and your sweat mixing together. First find a tub(preferably plastic) that will hold all your shirts and have room left over to move them around in the water you will be adding.
      To the tub of shirts add one gallon of warm water and 1/2 cup white vinegar for each shirt you are treating. Soak the shirts for one hour, inside out.
      Then rub the armpit areas of the shirts a few times to make sure it gets into the fibers of the fabric to lift the deodorant out of the shirt.
      Then wash in the hottest water you can,check the shirts before putting them into the dryer as if they are still there the heat from the dryer will set the stains.
      You may have to do this a few times but it should remove the stains or at least lighten them and it will prevent new ones.
      This also helps to get the color that may bleed from other clothes out if done before drying them.
      hope this helps. Good Luck!

    How to get rid of a “chemical” stain?
    What can I do to get rid of a roll-on deodorant mixed with sweat stain on my white uniform shirt?
    It’s like a dry yellowish stain that formed on the shirt after one year or so of usage, apparently I sweat to much or something, also the stain is stiff…like a dry sauce crust (I think). I’ve tried leaving it for one whole day in bleach but it was still there; tried scrubbing, brushing, and leaving it in soap but it was still there. What can I do to get rid of the stiff yellowish stain on my shirts?

    • ANSWER:
      I agree with Misty. Yes it sounds funny. I mean who would think a Coke had that kind of power LOL.

      The acidity in the soda will eat the chemicals on the fibers of the fabric. That is also why you should not use too much. Too much could cause the fibers to thin out and well.. you have a see through shirt. Not a good thing esp if this is a scrub top.

      Try 1/2 a can of soda, wash on lowest and tumble dry. If that doesn't work then go a full can the next time.

      Once you get this done I will also reccommend you start putting in with your regular soap some Borax, which can be found at any grocery store ( Mulles Washing Soda, Borax is in a green box with Red lettering. Here its 3.00 a box and lasts 70 loads but I also use it for other things). The borax will help pull off the chemicals and your perspirant on the clothing. Its also a good brightner.

      Hope that helped :)

    I need help with sweating/stinking less?
    Okay I use deodorant antiperspirant nd regular I wash well I use extra perfume
    how can I sweat less so that sweat stains don't show up on my colored + white shirts ?? Especially since I'm a dancer nd dancing makes you sweat and I hate getting sweat stains on my tank tops also when I sweat I smell really bad badly how can I get rid of the smell
    so my final question is how can I seat less to get rid of sweat stains? Also how can I not smell bad?

    • ANSWER:
      Eat cleaner. Less meats and more salads tossed in just enough oil/dressing or no dressings at all. Eat lemons with a hot beverage like green tea. Eat a serving of fresh pineapple every day with a banana. Read up on mediterranean and anti-yeast diets. Stay hydrated. I like Glaceau Smart Water, it hydrates better than ordinary bottled water.

    HELP HELP! Stain on white t.shirt?? :( ?
    I have a white t.shirt but it has a brownish sweat stain (I know, it's gross) around the front of the neck. I don't know how to get rid of it! Does anyone know anything I can do? Homemade recipes or something? Please tell me about your own experiences!

    • ANSWER:
      You could put some Vanish or stain remover on it, leave it on for half an hour then stick it on a normal wash or just put it ina normal wash a couple of times. I've had make up stains on white tops that have came out after 2-3 washes. xxx

    Yellow Arm Sweat, Gross. HELP!?
    Hey so i am a 15 year old guy and i am in need of serious help! Well not really, but it's gross and i need to get rid of it. I sweat through my arm pits which is normal, but it tends to soak through like 2 shirts so i don't know what shirt to wear to work out because that's gross. Also i tried white shirts because they seem to not show the sweat so much until i realized there are gross yellow stains on them! How do i stop this from happening!?

    • ANSWER:
      * Use an antiperspirant.
      * Wear One shirt instead of Two.
      * Apply deodorant as often as needed (carry a portable stick of deodorant)
      * Wear a Tang Top / Beater , White or Black.

    how can I remove the antiperspirant buildup on my shirts?
    I'm not talking about yellow stains from sweat, I know how to remove that. I switched to Right Guard gel antiperspirant a few months ago and it seems I must have put too much on a few times or not let it dry long enough. Now some of my tshirts have these white, rough, stiff spots in the armpits that I can only assume is from my antiperspirant, or from a combination of antiperspirant and laundry chemicals.

    Anyone know how to get rid of it? Can you recommend an antiperspirant that doesn't cause this? I'd been using spray on for years and thought I'd give this a go but don't want to ruin any more of my shirts.

    Tips appreciated. TIA.

    • ANSWER:
      Heloise recommends pouring full-strength (not watered down) ammonia on the shirts' underarms and letting them dry completely before laundering with your detergent, in the hottest water appropriate for the shirts' fabric.

      If the shirts are white, you can use full-strength hydroxen peroxide as directed above (but not with ammonia).

      If you pour peroxide on them and let them dry in sunlight, that will help even more -- again, for white shirts.

      For white or colored shirts, I would recommend putting white vinegar in the final rinse. If your washer has a fabric softener dispenser, you can put it in there. 1 cup for a full load in an agitator washer or 1/2 cup in an HE washer would be about right.

      My husband uses Old Spice antiperspirant -- the label says "Red Zone Invisible Solid". (I like the scent so much, I bought some OS RZ body wash for him). He has never had this problem -- even when he works on hobbies outside and comes in covered in sweat.

      Hope this helps!

    How To Stop The Sweaty Sweat Sweat! :D HELP!?
    Hey so i am a 15 year old guy and i am in need of serious help! Well not really, but it's gross and i need to get rid of it. I sweat through my arm pits which is normal, but it tends to soak through like 2 shirts so i don't know what shirt to wear to work out because that's gross. Also i tried white shirts because they seem to not show the sweat so much until i realized there are gross yellow stains on them! How do i stop this from happening!? Also my hands sweat a lot! I get nervous because they sweat and they sweat because im nervous, (ironic), and i tend to get nervous that girls will be like, EWWW!!! so what do i do!?!?!

    • ANSWER:

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    • ANSWER:
      Just an idea:
      Pretend that Dominique and Haley are on a talk show, talking to each other, and then Jeannae is a guest =)

    armpit sweating problems. please help! easy pointss! ?
    okay well,
    i sweat alot under the armpits
    ihave used every single deodarant out there, well i put my shirt on then i put on my deodarant about 5 strokes each and then after like a couple of minutes i see sweat through my shirt instantly. by the end of the school day my shirt is disgusting and i dont even do anything to sweat so idk why im sweating so much. am i doing something wrong? any hints ? please help. and ive used certain dri but idk if it works cas i still sweat alot. another thing is my shirts. i cant keep buying new shirts everytime they get armpit sweaty so when i take my shirt off its all sweaty under the armpit and that leaves a stain when i wash it and my white shirts leave a yellow stain and my black shirts leave a white stains. and also i get deodarant stains i have a purple and blue shirt thay have white all over the armpit and ive washed it 100times. how do i get rid of that? how do i cause that not to happen at all? please help!.

    • ANSWER:
      You should be using anti-perspirants not just deodorant. If none of the normal ones work try stronger ones like Mitchum, Triple dry or Driclor. They will definately sort it out. Other than that go to your doc.

    How to remove this stain?
    Ok so it isn't a "stain" per se. Basically I was screen printing on a white shirt (which is where you use fabric ink to put a design on it and then heat set it with an iron) long story short on the back of the shirt there is a yellow mark that got transferred on there from the design that i printed onto the front of the shirt. (On the front there is a superhero with a yellow costume). The design on the front is pretty wicked, and I put alot of work into it, and because of the way it was done I can't just reprint it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of this yellow mark? It is like a yellow circle with the center hollowed out...

    I have tried a bit of bleach from a clorox bleach pen already with not great results. i am desperate to get rid of this mark. It is a very faint yellow but still looks like sweat stains :(

    • ANSWER:
      I'd soak that part of the shirt in bleach, but becareful not to get any on your design. You could also make a smilly face out of it.

    is my life really that bad? (it seems like it to me)?
    please help me. i am kind of over my life. its not extremely bad and many people have worse. but i still dont like it and need help to get rid of some stuff to make it better. i have hyperhidrosis under my armpits and i can't gain the confidence to tell my parents for the second time. i told my mum once last year by text and said that i was sweating more now that it was summer and needed a better deoderant, so she got me a better one but it didnt work and left white stains on my dark green school shirt (under the armpit area) and i sweat through my school shirt everyday and there are sweat marks ther and it smells. its not nice to have around my boyfriend. (i also have it on my feet).how can i get confidence totell them again, they kind of forgot that im dealng with this. i also told my friend and she forgot aswell.

    also, i really want to get a good job and make some mony soon and my parents keep saying im too dumb to drive and get a good job and ll that and it makes me cry and they dont care. i have been so depressed lately, mainly because my dad is a faggot and i hate him! he doesnt even care about my feelings or anything! . how can i get my life back on track? please hel me .
    i feel so guilty because many other people are going through much worse and here i am winging about my life.

    anyway. thanx in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      well, you can easily fix your sweating problem - you have whats called hyperhidrosis. your doctor can give you prescription strength deodorant. trust me, it will change your life.

      demonstrate maturity to your parents - it may help them to see you in a better light.

      don't feel guilty. you will have a really big problem soon enough. (they always come eventually)

      stay strong - i can tell you are a good person.

    How do you get rid of sweat stains?
    I wear deoderent so dont even think about this. It has happened gradually over a period of time. I have some white shirts with yellow sweat stains under the arm pits. And I have some colored shirts with really dark stains under the arm pits like someone wiped dirt on it. Lol bad way to describe it but its not as bad as im describing it but enough that i dont wear the shirts anymore. I was wondering what are some ways to get rid of pit stains on both whites and colored shirts. Please dont be mean. :) Please and thank you. I will give a best answer and thumbs up!

    • ANSWER:
      Tired of blowing through undershirts like they’re a disposable product? Follow these tips to remove sweat stains from your clothing and learn how to take simple preventative steps to avoid future sweat stains.

      Step 1-WHERE THE SWEAT STAINS COME FROM: Surprisingly, sweat stains typically do not come from the sweat itself. Most underarm sweat stains are caused by your antiperspirant, which is very acidic. The disruption in ph balance causes a yellowing in white fabrics and can leading to color fading in colorful shirts. The products that come in roll-on or gel forms tend to be the worst offenders, largely because they take longer to dry and are more likely to be transferred from you underarm to your clothes during or after application, resulting in the infamous underarm sweat stain.

      Sweat stains around the shirt collar are more likely to be caused directly by your sweat. You may notice that collar sweat stains actually have a different hue than underarm stains, even on the same shirt.

      Step 2-PREVENTING SWEAT STAINS BEFORE THEY HAPPEN. A simple way to significantly reduce sweat stains is to apply your deodorant before getting dressed and allow it plenty of time to dry. Don’t slather on deodorant. This leads to more product getting transferred onto your clothing, and does little to increase sweat and odor protection. If you tend to be in a rush in the morning, considering switching to a fast-drying antiperspirant. Or, drop the antiperspirant altogether and switch to an all natural deodorant (choose one that doesn’t contain Aluminum Hydrochloride) instead. While you may perspire slightly more, odor will still be controlled and your less acidic sweat will take less of a toll on your fabric colors.

      If you find you frequently get sweat stains in areas that aren’t exposed to your antiperspirant, you may want to test your ph levels to see if your sweat itself is a little acidic. You can purchase ph strips at many health stores (and a link is provided below to order ph strips from Amazon). A healthy saliva ph should be around 6.5-7. If you find your saliva tests more acidic than this, working to regain alkalinity may even benefit your health and energy levels, in addition to reducing pesky sweat stains on your shirts.

      Step 3-GETTING RID OF SWEAT STAINS ONCE THEY’RE THERE: Good news. Your first line of sweat stain defense is quick, cheap and remarkably effective. As soon as you’ve noticed the stain, run the affected area under the faucet using cold water. Once you’ve removed as much surface stain as possible, rub the fabric together to work the stain out of the small valleys within the stitching. The cold water washes away the acidity left behind by your antiperspirant. You may wish to run cold water over the armpits of your favorite shirts before stains even appear. This way, they don’t sit and yellow in the laundry hamper. Running your clothes through a washer and dryer cycle can hard-set the stains, making it much more difficult to remove them, so aim to pre-treat stains.

      Step 4-THE REALLY TOUGH STAINS: If cold water simply doesn’t do the trick, you can try a more aggressive methods. Keep in mind that the more aggressive the method, the more likely you are to damage the fabric. OxiClean, a peroxide-based bleach, does a great job. Just load your washer with a cold water wash, add the maximum amount of OxiClean, and set the washer to pre-soak for about 30 minutes. You can make a homemade version of OxiClean by combining half a cup of hydrogen peroxide with half a cup of baking soda. Whatever you do, do NOT use bleach, which can actually make the stain worse.

    Yellow Arm Sweat, Gross. HELP!?
    Hey so i am a 15 year old guy and i am in need of serious help! Well not really, but it's gross and i need to get rid of it. I sweat through my arm pits which is normal, but it tends to soak through like 2 shirts so i don't know what shirt to wear to work out because that's gross. Also i tried white shirts because they seem to not show the sweat so much until i realized there are gross yellow stains on them! How do i stop this from happening!?

    • ANSWER:
      When the body overheats, the pores in your skin excrete water and other fluids to cool it down (sweating). If you're dehydrated, your body will use waste (including urine) in the bloodstream, hence the yellow stains.

      So stay hydrated: make sure you're drinking at least eight glasses of water a day; more if you're active.