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Excessive sweating is caused by the sympathetic nervous system which is part of our autonomous system of which we have no control over. Excessive sweating is medically known as Hyperhidrosis the most common form being sweaty hands.

A sweating problem is most often uncontrollable, uncomfortable, and irregular. In Someone that suffers from hyperhidrosis, often their bodies have surpassed the body's normal needs for thermal regulation.

It is not possible for most people to just become accustomed and deal with profuse sweating. A sweating problem can sometimes have sever physiological effects including but not limited to dehydration and skin infections, severe body odors and clammy cold hands. It can also wreak havoc on someone emotionally making most social, academic and business interactions very uncomfortable. Daily chores such as showering twice daily, changing shirts and socks throughout the day, applying deodorant constantly or wearing dress shields sometimes become impossible to follow. The most recent research and advancements in medicine have made many treatments available to stop sweating.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Can someone tell me why I get this chest pain & I start sweating cold, my hands feel numb, my body gets cold??

    • ANSWER:
      only one thing i know about that, visit your doctor for accurate diagnosis.

    I have a cold body all the time?
    All my life i have a really cold body.My hands, my feet, my back, they are all cold. When Im sweating, i have a cold sweat.When i go on a vacation and i sit on the beach with a oil on me, im still cold no matter how hot is outside.Im a really healthy person, i dont get sick very often, i just wonder is everything all right with me?

    • ANSWER:
      blood pressure?

    Icy cold hands and feet, excessive heat / sweating everywhere else?
    I have a history of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating…at least that's the closest any doctor could narrow it down to). Even when it's not that hot out, I sweat all over, more profusely in the pelvic and groin region, and occasionally just as bad in my underarms. Until recently, I have gotten around this problem by wearing breathable undergarments, and by avoiding heavy clothing like sweaters and jackets, unless it's frostbite weather. But my problem only gotten worse, not better.

    It started earlier this year, when I began to notice something unique about my sweaty bits - they are extremely hot to the touch! For example, I can hold my hand out in front of my groin, several inches away, and literally feel the heat radiating from my skin like it's a portable space-heater! No wonder I sweat so much down there…the heat alone must send my sweat glands into overdrive. It makes me wonder if my own body heat could ever render me infertile.

    If that weren't enough, on the complete other end of the spectrum, my hands and feet have become really, really cold as of late - like I'm holding icepacks (think: Edward Cullen hands). Granted, it's nearing the end of Fall where I live, and the climate is certainly more bitter than in previous months; but even now as I am typing this, in the comfort of my toasty apartment, everything beneath my armpits and below the belt is sweltering hot, while my fingers are clacking against the keyboard like frozen sausages! What the hell? I refuse to wear gloves inside my own home!

    By now I've done more research on these symptoms than a med student and have gotten nowhere. My primary care physician is useless, and I don't have the money to see a specialist (and what specialist would that even be…an endocrinologist…a dermatologist?). I just need to know what could possibly be causing this persistent and unequal distribution of body heat, and what can I do about it?

    • ANSWER:
      You do sound as if you have hyperhidrosis, something many suffer from, never even knowing it has a name. There are specific types of hyperhidrosis, generalized, which is all over. I think I have the same kind you have, in the groin. It has a specific name, which escapes me at this precise moment in time, but it is miserable. That I can not forget. I have dealt with this for over 40 years and it has only been recently that I found the name: hyperhidrosis, but I have for several years experienced the cold hands and feet. Though that phase is over for me, hopefully. However I have had the sweaty crotch for years and years. I now live in Florida, and it is very warm here. Out of sheer despiration I designed and made something from muslin fabric that wraps around the crotch of ones briefs, encapsulating the elastic and keeping soggy elastic from digging into the skin, and allowing for evaporation. When the Wrapps get damp, unhook and toss in the laundry. It takes seconds to put a new dry, clean, cool Wrapp in place. The Extra P stands for perspiration.

      I am affilliated with a website, Very Sweaty Betty, it is a group of hyperhidrosis sufferers, there is no fee to join. People discuss medications, proceedures, topical soloutions and what works for them. We find friendship in our skin dis-ease and get suggestions for new things that might help eachother. No one is trying to sell you anything. I hope you come to Very Sweaty Betty and have a look around, feel free to sign up hear what others, like yourself endure. We have a nurse who is a member and a sufferer and she is always up for giving honest advise, to enable us to find a decent doctor who will acknowledge our plight.

      Remember, what may work for someone else may not work for you. But there is always someone there for you.

      Denise Bartell

    what is the sign of having cold sweat in the hands and feet? diffeculty in breathing?
    I feel as someone poring cold water inside me and it walks in my body... the air that I am taking feels very cold... and i get cold sweat ... my right legs shakes and it freaks me out.. I have diffeculty in breathing... lightheaded...

    is that a mental ilness like panic attack, anxiety .. or it could be something more serious?

    • ANSWER:

    Should I be concerned about cold sweats ?
    I am a 51 years young female when I have cold sweats my body is extremely hot I perspire there is even profuse perspiration on my forehead, my feet and hands are cold (freezing) could this be a hot flash I also become hot and kick the covers off at night.My brother who sometimes lives with me is experiencing the same symptoms. We have no underlying condition that may cause this.

    • ANSWER:

    My hands are constantly cold, even when I'm sweating?
    Well, it's been happening for like, two years now. I could be sweating, and my hands would still feel like ice cubes to the touch. I'm not even exaggerating; right now they feel like I've stuck them in snow, but the rest of my body is really hot.

    What's wrong with my hands?!

    • ANSWER:
      It's a possible circulation problem or you could have hypothyroidism, (underactive thyroid). If your fingers/hands get a bluish tint when very cold out, possibility you have something called Raynaud's syndrome. Best thing to do is to go to doctor for some tests. These are not very serious conditions but w/hypothyroidism you do have to take meds to replace the hormone that your thyroid isn't producing otherwise it can lead to further complications. Good luck!

    Cold feet, hands, wrists, legs, knees and sometimes other body parts?
    I don't understand, I'm sweating above me torso but below I'm really cold. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning so until then I'm FREAKING OUT. Also at first we thought it was raynaud's but now I'm not quite sure what's going on here. I'm 17 years old and male.

    • ANSWER:
      Usually cold extremities is just poor circulation and you will have had it all of your life, not just suddenly noticing it now. Also, females in general usually have this problem over males. If your body has two extremes, I would say this is not normal and to try to relax until you see your doctor tomorrow. There is no use worrying when you won't have a way to definitely know for sure.

    why does my body feel warm inside but feels cold to touch.?? please reply?
    well my body feels warm inside but my skin feels cold to touch.. my hands are kinda sweating and i feel like i have a little trouble breathing.. if yous could reply and think what it could be that would be good. thanks.:)

    • ANSWER:

    Why are my hands always cold?
    A LOT of people have been telling me that I have cold hands. I used to wish for cold hands because I'd prefer that other than having sweaty warm hands. This was 2 years ago though..

    My friends would all flinch when I touched them last year, and they always said my hands were so cold. I'm 14 right now and I do indeed know that I have cold hands. When I get fearful and have breakdowns, my whole body goes into a heat lock down and I become cold. I went to a doctor about it and she told me to just relax and not be afraid of certain things. I was told that I was all cold and clammy.

    Last year, my hands would not be totally blue but a small formation of it. However, my fingernails were always a purple kind of blue. I did research online before and it sounded similar to Ray Nodes Syndrome but not entirely.. Also, low blood pressure/poor circulation was another option that made sense.

    I do indeed exercise regularly although I haven't for about a month since its been really cold and I get sick easily. All I do for exercise is skate for about 2 hours or jog a while. When i do skate (cold whether/not too much), my hands would get all pink sweaty and swollen.

    As of now, my hands are cold and its bothering me. My arm pits get cold sweat and its hard to warm up. More importantly,its hard to warm up underneath my bed covers when I sleep.

    Thanks for reading!

    • ANSWER:
      When we get very anxious, our nervous sysem can make us feel either extremely cold or hot. Also, hypothyroidism can cause cold hands w/Raynaud's Syndrome also causing the blue color. I know b/c I have Hypothyroidism and Raynauds. However, you are a bit young for hypothroidism but you never know. A simple blood test by the dr. will let you know if your thyroid is working correctly. If it isn't, and it is underactive (hypo) then "synthroid" will be prescribed.

    cold sweats and body lumps?
    i have had cold sweats and a few lumps on my body for the last 3 weeks and now i am starting to get very scared there are a few lumps on my legs that have diminished a bit, but there is also a red scaly lump on my hand that wont go away and i am very scared please help me and thank u (PS this is not chicken pox)

    • ANSWER:
      You do need to go to the doctor. Cold sweats are sometimes a sign of an allergic reaction, and the lumps could be connected.

    why is it that when i get cold my hands and feet and pretty much the rest of my outer body are warm?
    except my nose it gets frozen and im a chef yet in the hottest kitchens im boiling hot but i never sweat its weird

    • ANSWER:
      a small percentage of people are actually unable to sweat, which can become a serious problem as sweat is used to regulate body temperature and you may be prone to heat strokes if unable too. there are also various other reasons why your body may be unable to regulate itself normally (plus, some people just dont sweat much!) but i would recommend talking to a doctor about this.

      also, the outside of your body feels warm most probably because when cold, the body shivers, generating heat from the muscles. this heat is quickly transferred to the surface of your body as the muscles lie beneath the skin, and the surface of the body is cold (meaning heat would diffuse there quicker).

    What are the possible diagnosis options for a 55 white female with sweating and shaking hands, numbness in fin
    recently diagnosed with osteoperosis (t-3), elevated kidney, cervical spine ?, shaking hands, rapid heartbeat, (normal hb/usually under 60 and sometimes lower; diagnosed with bradychardia), low blood pressure, always cold, low body temp. of 97 degrees, anemia, tired, sometimes depressed. Currently take supplements for iron, vitamin D, and calcium; also take bio-medical hormones of 2% testerone, and tri-estrogen; hysterectomy at age 32, irregular PAP smear result in March 2007, pituitary tumor, appendix removed, much more.

    • ANSWER:
      I can almost not even begin to tell you. You sound like a person being eaten up by negative emotions and the pharmaceutical/medical community. When things get that so totally out of control I can only suggest these things:

      Dramatic diet change would be my first thought. I would shoot for all organic diet of live foods - fresh meat, fresh vegetables and fruit and high in essential fatty acids (live virgin olive oil). You can hardly go wrong with a little pasta and chicken and veggies, cooked with a bit of your favorite salad dressing or beans and rice and fruit for snacks. Start to cleans and alkalinize your body.

      You might even consider a colon cleanse to help eliminate and the way you absorb your nutrition. For most of us we should start of program of extra water and magnesium (chloraphyl is good too) to loosen us the area for a good 2 to 4 weeks before beginning a cleanse product for safety and comfort.

      I would learn more about estrogen and progesterone and discuss it with someone knowledgeable that you trust. Progesterone is what a woman's body needs most to be comfortable and happy - it sky rockets during pregnancy and it bottoms out after the child is born. Our diets do not replenish it very well (unless we are eating a lot of organic yams) and a supplement can be very helpful. I use NSP's Wild Yam Cream and I love it - here's the link:

      As I understand it, the progesterone is vital and with enough of it your body has no problem making it's own estrogen - but extra estrogen won't help make more progesterone. Progesterone is also important because it help to clean out our system and without it toxins can build up and create any number of other problems. Estrogen dominance could be considered the cause of many of the things you have listed here.

      I imagine that you are on a lot of medication and it is important to discuss these things with your doctor and if he refuses them out of hand, it may be time to get a second opinion. The body was designed to heal itself, but once you start taking bits out of it and taking control of functions medicinally you must take things slowly and calmly.

      If you wish to stay here on earth, you may want to consider reading a book by Louise Hay called "You can heal your life". She talks about emotional and mental causes for physical ailments and I have found her to be shockingly right on. She can help you recognize and correct destructive mental and emotional habits, allowing you to affect positive change easily. I have been healed by her teachings and so have many others. Here's a link to her book:

      I am sorry you are suffering, I know that life can be hard and it takes a toll on us. But I also know that we are strong and fund an inner will that can do anything. I know that you can get past this, if you really want to. The more I sit here with you, the more I am thinking it's the estrogen dominance. Here's a link with more information about it, written by naturopathic physicians:


    Last night, I was laying in bed and my heart started beating really hard. My left side of my body got cold and?
    cold and tingling. My left hand was sweating. It also kinda felt like something was in my throat or upper chest. It lasted about 30 minutes. Anyone know what this could have been?
    i am 33 years old

    • ANSWER:

    I have cold hands?! Help?!?
    Its really weird. It could be any season but my hands are ALWAYS abnormally cold. It doesnt bother me, as the rest of my body is warm but my hands are always cold. Since spring is already here, and the sun is out; my feet will aslways sweat but my hands would remain cold. I dont know why my hands are cold??

    • ANSWER:

    lumps on my body and cold sweats :( ?
    hi im 19 and im very scared, i have had cold sweats and lumps on my body for the last two weeks i have been having cold sweats for about 3 weeks now and also lumps on me, one of the lumps is very scaly and it is located on my hand, there were a few other lumps on my legs and chest but they are not very noticeable anymore , they just have a little bit of redness on them. Im young and very scared i dont wanna go to the doctor, anyone give me some advice. PS i do not have chicken pox i got a vaccine two years ago, :( :( :( :( :(

    • ANSWER:
      Can be a severe allergy, and mind you allergy can be life threatening. You do not have a choice but to go to a doctor. Please don't ask such serious questions on the net as you can be misled by some quack!

    My hands use to be cold now they're always sweaty?
    My hands and feet use to be so cold especially in the winter time to the point where they would become numb. Now, my hands are constantly sweaty and I don't know why. Its not just my hands but my entire body's always sweaty. Its embarrassing to shake hands with someone and your hands are dripping with sweat. Is there any reason why I'm always like this and is there anything i cant do. I know maybe people say you get sweaty because your nervous but that's not the case. My hands are sweaty all the time....

    • ANSWER:
      There is a product on the market called Hypercare. It is a prescription which can be written by a doctor, and completely prevents sweating. You have to be cautious in the heat, because sweating is our body's way of cooling off, and preventing that entirely can be dangerous- especially in the summer.
      If Hypercare doesn't work, my doctor told me that Botox was prescribed for excessive sweating. But eww! I totally wouldn't do that!
      Hypercare works really well for me, and I think it should work for you as well. Just find a doctor who is sensitive to your needs. Good luck.

    While I work out, my body gets cold, is that normal?
    So I did a 15 min run/job today in the gym. After I got done I was breathing pretty heavy and I was sweating in my chest. But I noticed that when I touched my arm it was cold. And my ears felt really cold when I was running. Usually my hands and feet are always cold too.

    Is this normal? What could be causing this?

    • ANSWER:
      Haha. (mainly to the above... or below answer...whatever)

      I'm not too sure why that would happen unless you're in a 'cool' environment. Your body is working overtime to cool itself off when you're working out so I would imagine that's just your body doing a good job.

      I would imagine though that it depends on a lot of things. Mainly the temperature of your environment but possibly what you've ingested also.

    why do my body sweats when i am nervous?
    Why do my body sweats and at the same time my hands feel cold when i m nervous?

    • ANSWER:
      Nervous armpit sweating can be particularly bad because of the high quantity of bacteria that live in this area. This can lead to body odour which could be strongly noticeable even at a distance. The bacteria thrive in this area because there is so much body heat in that location, and they consume nutrients within the sweat.
      Some people try to solve the problem by applying very strong antiperspirants, but the fact is that the body will fight against this and it is rarely effective except in very mild cases. A longer term problem is that these products tend to block the skin’s pores. Because sweating is a survival mechanism the body will definitely work harder to get the sweat out when the pores have been blocked. Sweat is used to eliminate toxins as well as to lose heat, and one of the toxins the body will be trying to eliminate in this case is the residue left by the antiperspirants.

      One step I strongly recommend you use is to switch to natural rock crystal deodorant product, such as the one produced by Crystal Spring. This deodorant works by killing the bacteria that produce the bad odours, and is much kinder to your skin. I found that after I switched from using a harmful antiperspirant product to using the Crystal Spring product, my sweating reduced a lot even though the product was not designed to stop sweat. The fact is that my skin, which had been clogged up with antiperspirants, was now much healthier and didn’t sweat so much.

      However, body odour is not the only problem that comes with armpit sweating, as sweat stains in clothes can be very noticeable. When sweating is triggered by nervousness, increasing your general level of calm is a good way to combat the problem. Now as you may know, I am not in favour of using drugs, whether recreational or medical, to try and solve this problem, because at best they just cover the problem up. In addition, the side effects of these drugs usually make the problem worse, or can cause other health problems.
      But one thing that can really help is to drink herbal teas which are known to reduce stress. For instance, St John’s wort can be very calming when taken as a tea. Also sage tea is very effective in promoting calm and also in fighting against sweat (even if the sweat is not caused by stress).

    My hands are ALWAYS cold?
    Hi, ever since I can remember, my hands have been freezing cold no matter what the temperature is. And if I spend more than 5-10 minutes temperature of ~20F and below, my hands become numb and painful very quickly.

    For example, right now the temperature in the room I am in is around 68F-72F, very comforrtable for the body, yet my hands are freezing, you'd think they were in a freezer if I were to touch you. And this is a 24/7 thing with me.

    The same goes for my feet. And what I am stumped on is that this is only my hands and feet. my chest, arms, legs, etc are all just fine, but hands and feet are always frozen cold.

    I went to doctors numerous times and they never took me seriously and said it's nothing to worry about and it will go away by itself.

    I am currently 19 and this has been going on every since I can remember. I am not very physically active, but when I do work out or run, I can be sweating hot yet my hands would still be freezing, so I don't think it's that.

    Any clue what this could be? This makes me feel terrible unsocial when people are around me because I can't be comfortable and more dynamic with my hands.

    • ANSWER:
      hi! im a 19 year old female, i have the very same problem, i wouldnt say its anyhting to worry about, its due to your blood circulation. i have it in my feet aswell, if you also have it in the feet do not wear tight socks around the ankle as this can stop blood flow. what i normally do is run my hands up hot water for a few minutes, any tight jumpers around the wrists dont help either, this isnt anything to worry about, well i dont worry about it anyway coz im only 19 so it couldnt be anything serious!

    My body has problems controlling temperature in different parts?
    Right now, sitting here my left hand burns because it's well above body temperature, but my right hand is freezing. My head is sweating and I feel extremely hot, but my feet are cold, and sweating... What the fuck?

    • ANSWER:
      That is so weird if it's a new thing go to ER other wise go to the Doctor get a check up.

    what is my phobia called? Extreme fear of anything remotely related to anything medical?
    I react in extreme ways to absolutely anything related to:
    blood, illness, medical conditions, medical procedures, talk of anything medical, anything in the body, etc.

    what happens when i hear anything about this, my body takes over and i feel as if what they are talking about is happening to me. i get either very hot or very cold, my hands sweat, my body tingles, and i feel extremely faint-the extremity of these events ranges depending on what the material is.

    I don't always faint, in fact, that is almost rare, but its as if fate picks which times ill faint at random. this is taking over my life, i couldnt take biology or health this year. i dont know what to do, ive been to many therapists etc, nobody helps.

    i just want to know what to do...and if anyone knows what this is called? or if theyve have any expirience with it-if you do please share it-it would mean the world to me.

    • ANSWER:

    body trembles/shakes in arms and hands?
    recently i had an scare about an illness. for days on end i would have anxiety attacks (feeling out of place, nervous all the time, heavy breathing, cold sweats,etc) and/or panic attacks (where i would just have white fuzzy's all over my vision and sweating profusely). that was up to a few days ago.. ive managed to keep in undercontrol but after the anxiety attacks stopped, now i get this arm quivering feeling and i can feel it sometimes all over my body, as if im twitching all the way down my fingers, and having muscle spasms all over my this just an anxiety attack that is more minor than the rest? i dont feel weak or anything, but they just wont quit! plz :-(

    also, if you havent experienced this at all or dont know and are just giving me crap like i have cancer, aids, lupus, something stupid like that dont even answer

    • ANSWER:
      lolz...sounds like your high...j/p if you didnt get the disease, sounds like a serious fright attack, sometimes your body gets pale, n u get serious stomach cramps, but just to be safe go to the doctor.

      it could also be stress

    Sweaty Hands ALL THE TIME!!?
    my hands sweat all the time. even if my body is cold, i feel my hands sweaty. i do live in califrornia, but still.

    every sunday i play piano at church. sometime i am unable to playh because my hands are soooo slippery

    what can i do?

    • ANSWER:

    Sudden heat, breathless, nausea, fainting, sweat, feeling cold?
    Last night, all of the sudden I felt my whole body was heated while I was browsing online. I felt breathless, then very nausea. I threw up and had to sit on the toilette cuz it was accompanied by poopy. It felt as if the entire digestive system was trying expel things from my body. I started sweating and hands got so numb! The numbness persisted for about 15-20 mins I think. At the end, I felt so cold.

    This has happened to me once in a while for the total about 10 times throughout my life. I am in my late 30's. I went to the doc and he could never find anything wrong with me.

    This time the new thing is the numb hands. It's as if my circulation was cut off somewhere. I was diagnosed with Mitral Regurgitation in the beginning of the yr. I am going to the doc again tomorrow. I am pretty sure he'll find nothing.

    I wonder if any one experienced this out of no where.

    Thanks in advance.
    the doc thinks I have Vasovagal Syncope

    He did some blood work and will put a heart monitor on me.

    Thanks everyone

    • ANSWER:
      For some reason??? I think it might be connected to the Mitrl Regurgitation. Below is a web page--near the bottom of the page "When to contact a Medical Professional"--some of your symptoms are there--right. I am thinking something was not working--blocking the blood flow. Just logical thinking--but I might be wrong. The upset digestive tract--not sure if that could be related or not??? Good Luck tomorrow. Don't hesitate to suggest anything to the doctor--they need help thinking sometimes. lol

      I sure hope the person above me is right--and it is that simple. lol

    Cold sweats, fainting, abdominal pain, feeling the need to lie down and go to the toilet?
    Ok, this is going to be quite long but I need a bit of advice.
    Maybe once every 2 months I get this sudden "turn". Ill suddenly feel really weak and heavy, and feel a little bit dizzy. If I dont sit down in time it esculates. I will get a abdominal pain in the lower of my stomach that seems to fade and come back, and I start feeling, what I can only describe, as drunk. Ill feel like Im going to pass out, and then a cold sweat creeps up, which makes my back feel freezing cold, even though I feel really hot. It makes my hands sweat a lot too, and my skin goes really sensitive. Ill then feel like I need to go to the toilet for a poo, so I stand up and stumble to the toilet, but nothing comes out. When it feels like ive finished on the loo, it will feel like I need to go again. I will lull everywhere while Im on the loo. Everything feels really confusing and fuzzy and it feels like my muscles have failed. When I try to talk it comes out as a rasp, or nothing at all. Sometimes Ill feel like Im going to be sick, but all Ill do is a dry heave. Then I will feel the intense need to lay down, as sitting down makes it worse. This morning I had it, and my trousers round my ankles and I literally fell to the floor and curled up in a fetal position. This always seems to work and the feelings subside, leaving me with a pins and needles sensation in my arms and legs, and feeling generally spaced out all day.
    Ive been told its panic attacks, which I thought up until today. Now Im not so sure. I really felt like my whole body had shut down, and I cant really remember. My mum said it was really strange, and looked as if I was really drunk all of a sudden. She said I went really pale and said the sweat was streaming off me. And also, today I did not shake.tremble, nor did I get heart palpitations, but it felt 10x worse than ever.
    The only thing I have found which fits is hypoglycemia, which doctors thought also and tested me for but it came back negative.
    My blood pressure is static, but quite low.
    The turns, although they happen about the same frequency, they seem to be getting worse, with different things being added each time. I was really knocked out all today, and I couldnt concentrate on anything! :S I just feel really down, as if nothing is ever going to be better.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds awful! It soiunds like it could be related to low blood sugar. Do you think it could be related to your periods or hormonal cycle? Does it make it worse? I find I get the wierdest aches and pains, some really painful, in the run-up to a period. I thought I was getting arthritis once but it went after my period ended.

      It's hard to suggest what could be wrong though. What about M.E. (chronic fatigue syndrome)? Or a food allergy? There could be any number of reasons for what's happening, The best thing to do would be to take what you've written to your doctor and insist on getting more tests done, especially if it's getting worse.

      Sorry for the lack of help but good luck.

    sweating only right part of body?
    I have different temperature between my right & left part of body.My right one (armpit, palm of hand and sole of foot), it tends to be colder than the left part on cold weather, and sweat more when it's hot!Tried to see doctor, no satisfied answer yet!Anybody can answer my problem?thx

    • ANSWER:
      This could be a potential neurological problem. You need to see an appropriate doctor.

    Sweating is becoming a problem?
    I am on a medicine that causes me to sweat. ALOT. Not my hands or feet (thank goodness) but I go to a store and all I do mop my face and forehead. It's humiliating!
    I become drenched just washing the dishes or sweeping the floor. My entire body drips with it. I always have cold air around me.
    I rarely went out this summer because the ac was broke.
    I went to a law school graduation and sweated all my makeup off. My hair was wet like I splashed water on it. In front of 200 ppl's family's all dressed up looking perfectly snotty and I look like a wet bum!
    I started crying and refused to go to the after party.
    If its muggy I sweat more.
    They only have special deoderant for hands/feet. Not entire bodies.
    I can't go off my medicine.
    I also can't live like a recluse at the age of 30.
    I am seriously straining my relationship.
    I shower often, use powder, wear light weight cotton, change clothes 2x a day.
    Is there a medicine for chronic body sweating?
    herbal or prescription?

    • ANSWER:
      Your condition is called hypoidrosis. There is medication but as usual you would have to see your doctor. Of course since it is due to the medication that you are taking right now, you can always ask your doctor to change to something else. Side affects do occur with most medications so you may try several before you find one that does not bother you so much. Just speak to your doctor.

    Ever since it got cold my hands have been really red, what do I do?
    My hands are really bright red 97% of the time. The past several months, the other 3% is a light pink or so.
    Ever since it got cold in December they have been like this.
    I live in Florida, so it didn't get cold until December, but ever since then, it's been about 40 degrees and it sucks.
    Last year they did this during winter time, but they would be red with little red bumps, too. But I was working in a restaurant at the time with latex gloves and I figured I was just slightly allergic to the gloves, or the sweat in the gloves not escaping or something. After winter they returned back to normal.
    This winter they are turning bright red this time, but with no bumps (I'm guessing because I don't have gloves on anymore).

    They were getting really dry and cracking and bleeding, but I bought some hemp lotion from the Body Shop ( freaking dollars, too....) and it keeps them moisterized all day and water resistant and stuff.... But, it doesn't make my hands normal skin color like my arms.

    When I work out, sweat, or go out to the cold, they turn VERY bright red.
    Most of the time they are this annoying red, pink color, different from my skin color.

    This makes me very upset and I want my hands to look normal.

    • ANSWER:
      thats actually very normal and shows u have normal health.

      Basically the blood is rushing to your hands to keep the body temperature up, exactly the same reason why your face goes red in the winter. Dont worry about it, its normal and worry about other things

    Why does my body temperature go so high when i sleep?
    I've been told that it increases significantly when I sleep. Generally I feel comfortable but sometimes wake up sweating and incredibly hot. However, during the day I am always cold! My hands and feet are always like ice. I even wear jumpers when its hot outside and everyone else is in shorts and tshirts. Is this normal?

    • ANSWER:
      Thyroid problem or "night sweats" from an infection like TB or HIV or hot flashes if you are a woman going through menopause or ovarian cyst problem/estrogen imbalance or dehydration or something else.

    Hot when cold, now cold when hot?
    Before I got pregnant I was the type of person who was always hot. Like the strange person you see wearing a t-shirt in winter, however my actual body was always very cold. My body temp ranged from 95.0 degrees to at the most 97.0. I'm the kind of person you shake hands with in the middle of summer and feel freezing cold hands. I;ve been this way my whole life, my mother says its because I was born during a very hot summer and I never left the air conditioning for the first few months of my life. Whatever the reason, its normal for me.
    Now that I'm pregnant I'm exactly the opposite. My husband is sweating and I'm turning the heat up and putting on a sweatshirt. And now if my husband happens to be cold he is cuddling into me for warmth because my body temperature seems to have risen quite a bit. My actual body is much much warmer and yet I'm freezing.
    Is this normal? I have a couple pregnancy books and never saw anything about that.

    • ANSWER:
      I've always considered it to be normal. I'm freezing all the time though, but I'm a switch, on and off on and off. It drives me nuts. Just try to keep i at a decent temp and if you get cold just bundle up to keep warm. The only other possibility is the chills, could be an infection but without any other accompanying symptoms it probably just pregnancy hormone.s

    Could this be something besides Anxiety?
    Cold hands/feet - yet sweating
    Back always feels like it's on fire/tingling
    Scary sensation overcomes whole body/ feels like your dying
    Sweaty armpits - use to not be like that

    Yet I have low blood pressure always and a low pulse always
    Can't feel my heart beating or palpitations or anything.


    • ANSWER:
      probably is anxiety, but you should still have it checked out by a professional. could be something more serious.

    Hot and cold at the same time. Please help. Serious replies only please?
    For the last 2 weeks I have been experiencing intense moments of feeling hot and cold at the same time. My face, head and neck will be red hot and sweating profusely. However, from there down, I am ice cold. If you touch my hands, you'd think they had been in a freezer. However, my body below my neck is also covered in sweat, cold sweat. I also get really dizzy, almost like I am going to faint. Most of the day it is mild, just feeling chilled below and my face hot but then WHAMO!, it jumps X 100. My mom asked around and said she heard some other people were experiencing these kinds of symptoms. My question is two fold. 1. What the hell is this (virus, bacteria, poltergeist?) and 2. How do you alleviate/cure it? The only thing I have found to help is a really warm shower. Just FYI, I have been anemic in the past but don't believe to be now nor have symptoms like that ever occurred with past anemic episodes. Also, I have not been out of the US recently so malaria is out. Please Help. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I am a firm believer in homeopathy and I have seen it work wonders. Try China 30 - a few pills 4 times a day. Homeopathic medicine should not be touched by hand and should not be had with food or any substance which has a strong smell.

    Ive been feeling weird lately...?
    I was just wondering if anyone would know what is wrong with me...I'm a 20 yr old male and i say ive been an athlete all my life and now when i play basketball( its been happening just now recently) I get like cold sweats and my body is cold? But I am running up and down the court sweating....My feet and hands are always sweating at nite and i usually get cold and hot sweats...and my hands and feet are always cold??? Any one have any answers that would be great

    • ANSWER:
      Stress, anxiety, panic.
      Sometimes low blood pressure.

      Been working yourself too hard lately?

    Random itching and swelling on body when in cold.?
    I started working in a cooler at my job a while back and when I would work up a sweat I suddenly get a random itch. I've had it on my stomach, hands, fingers, arms, ankles, top of the foot. (Not all at once though!) If I scratch it it'll welt and swell badly, It seems to happen at random moments when I'm near a really cold area but sometimes even when I'm not. I don't know what it is! It goes away soon after.

    • ANSWER:

    Is it possible to have high body temperature?
    Is it possible to have a constant high body temperature? Not necessarily high when the temperature is taken..but the person feels hotter than an average person would. I believe that i do. I am always veerrryyyy warm. My hands will always be burning hot. People will be shivering cold and i'll be sweating. I always feel like it is 10 degrees hotter than it really is.

    So is it possible that i could have some sort of higher body temp?

    • ANSWER:
      yes i think it's possible and your body temp is probably 38 degrees or it's just an illusion because that you're stressed or very nervous.
      My advice is don't stress you're self and take a long walk, if that doesn't help go to a doctor.

    can you describe the way you breathe in anxiety?
    ok I have that 24/7 such as cold air getting in my lung.... I feel light headed and can't feel how I am breathing,as I am worried if I forget to breathe... I feel there is no sense of air getting in my lung .. only coldness inside my body and I sweat cold sweat in hands , feet I even slide when I walk because of tehse sweat under my feet.. very cold... I feel I am dying... can't breathe .. as someone chocking me.. smotehr sensatiion.. and when I want to sleep I get the hardest moment ever .. I panic and panic .. and then when I sleep I wake up panicking .. I feel as I will faint or pass away...
    sometimes like at the back of my nose has presure that close the nose and can't make me breathe .. although my nose is open and clean ....

    I feel as someone poring very cold water inside my body,,.. that walks and freeze all my organs..

    I feel me not me at that moment.. as soemone else is controling me.. I look at myself and I see a stranger... I hate depersonalization .. it freas me out.. I feel scared and living in no balance.. I feel things faraway and soemtiems close.. soemtimes i am tall ., sometimes I am short...
    have a feeling in my head like electric shaking and melting though my brain down to my neck and make me want to faint.. .. when I walk I feel like I have a jello leg.. that moves with weakness I also don't trust my legs .. I feel they will fall me down.. with no balance .. when I move my hands.. I feel they don't belong to me... I can move them .. but it feels starnge as they are not mine..:(
    I feel my soul is out my body .. like my head is flying away from my body.... did u experience that feeling?

    do u now what is that? 3 MRI for brain were normal.... do u feel that?

    tell me all what you feel while anxiety?

    I want to feel better while reading from you guys , so please help.. I have no one to talk to .. only u .. people with anxiety.. because i feel u r the only one who can understand... :'(

    how can I control my anxiety.. :(

    now 4 years with these horrible things.

    tell em how is your breathing while having anxiety? in details please..
    I am scared to death


    • ANSWER:

    What could be the cause for these symptoms?
    This has happened to me 3 times in the past year, first I was shopping and then all of the sudden I felt really lightheaded, my hands and body began to shake and I came down with a cold sweat and felt like I was going to pass out. This has also happened today and I'm just wondering if I should get some tests done to see or does anyone on here know what the problem could be? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      My bff had the same Symptoms!
      It's an panic Attack!! Try to find out in what kinda situations this feeling happens to you..

    Is being underweight the reason im always cold?
    im 13..90 pounds or 93 pounds im not really that underweight i think..and my body is always cold at room temperature and ill be shaking at times..and especially my hands are freezing cold..and whats weird when im writing my hands are cold but they sweat?..and i my friends are always commenting that im always cold and shaking..and guys do too..they say damn your hands are like i
    ive been trying to eat more,but then my mom gets mad..she thinks im fat..and stuff lol

    • ANSWER:
      being underweight is might be part of it. or maybe your body naturally doesn't generate a lot of heat. Pig out in secret & get to regular weight for your body, can't hurt you right?

    Why am I sweating from the front side of my upper body (belly, chest, etc)?

    For 5 days I feel very dizzy and cold even though I wear think clothes. I have slight headache for 4-5 seconds when I sit down from standing up, or laying down from sitting down, etc. Basically when I change the level of my head considerably.

    I got tylenol today and after using it, I started seeing drops of sweat from the front of my upper body. It doesn't smell, but clear, and it stops just about it runs out of the amount of the water I recall drinking. I even drank freshly squeezed lemon with water, and when I wiped the front of my upper body with my hand, my hand smelled like lemon.

    Does it mean the medicine is working? Or my body is defensing thinking this is not what I should have used?

    The sweating is so fast and continuous. Takes like 30 mins to an hour when I drink something.


    • ANSWER:
      You may have a fever. Drink more water so you don't become dehydrated.

    I got a nervous system problem that make me unable to touch?
    I have a body problem that makes me look tired and constanly in pins and needles, hot/cold, sweat (especially hands) etc..

    Worst part is that I can't touch myself in comfort and am always on edge.

    Anyone care to tell me how to approach a woman with all these problems? Most women like touching and are comfortable with sex. I am not because of these medical problems. If I tell a woman right away, she will think I am unconfident/insecure.

    Chicken egg kind of predicament.

    • ANSWER:
      Tell the clinic that is treating you that you are prepared to meet other people with the same problem and see if they will help you make contact with someone.

    What could be the cause of dizziness that leads to temporary loss of sight?
    I went to the cleaners today to get a dress tailored, when all of a sudden I felt strange. I saw spots in front of my eyes, and sudden felt very exhausted, dizzy, and hot. I was standing and waited for it to subside, but instead everything went black and I couldn't see at all. My ears got extremely hot in addition to ringing loudly. I thought I was going to collapse on the floor, but I forced myself to find the dressing room. I sat down with my head in my hands, and got a heat flash that left me with this cold sweat all over my body, then the complete darkness gradually cleared up. What could have caused this?

    • ANSWER:

    How do I stop the coldness?!?

    So I have an annoying problem, and I'm wondering if anyone can help me.

    So here's my prob.!
    [] my hands are really cold!
    Ya'll may think that it isn't that bad, but it's really annoying!
    So sometimes - if I have a friend close by - I just stick my freezing cold hands down there shirts so I can warm them against their backs. But it doesn't help.

    [] I've tried those "exercises" were you flex your fingers.
    But that won't help either, my hands just get real sweaty (cold sweat)

    So exercises and body heat won't help, my feet also gets cold but I don't mind that, I use my hands more (kinda)

    I'm 14 so when I write on an exam or a test, I have to put down the pen to get my hands working fairly good.

    Then when my hands actually ARE warm, they get sweaty and too warm for my liking. The rest of my body have a normal temperatur (well my back is very warm atleast)
    I just want a normal body heat. Any experience or tips!

    And NO, no flexing and stuff like that!

    • ANSWER:
      You probably have hyperhidrosis, which is cold sweaty feet and hands etc. i have it aswel and went to the doctor today and he said i could get an operation for it called Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathectomy where they do something to the nerve. Im 17 and everything i have tried has failed so i might get the op but i read up on it and im not overly keen but idk what else to do!

    Can anybody tell me specifically what was happening to my body at this point?
    Basically, for various reasons, and due to my work, I've only had about two hours sleep for the past three nights. Last night when I was out though, I started to pour out cold sweat all over my body, my heart was skipping beats, everything slowed down, and I came over really drowsy but almost tranquil with no mental agitation. I know it wasn't a drop in blood sugar because i've had that happen to me before and I get trembling hands along with an extreme hunger when that happens. Usually I find myself quite irritable day-to-day, but I find going without sleep now and again makes me more relaxed in the long run. But I am curious to know what caused the above symptoms?

    • ANSWER:
      If you are diabetic, then you could be playing a serious game with a coma and hospitalization. It can still be low blood sugar. Your body is exhausted and sooner or later it will just shut down and you'll sleep until your body catches up. That is also how you feel as your brain begins to shut down. It lasts only a very short time. You are stressing your heart which causes perspiration. Not advisable if you have a heart condition. It may make you feel tranquil very briefly but it never lasts. If you get very nauseous, you may be close to passing out. Nice try looking for that Stephen King place. How do I know all this? Been there, bought the proverbial tee shirt. You may want to investigate any difficulty you might be having with mania.

      The best, most creative place to be is in that thin plane between sleep and awake. There is where you solve the ills of the world. Creative mind. Some of my best design ideas and writing comes from there. Keep a notebook and pen near your bed.

    my feet seem to always be cold! what's the problem?
    it's winter here, and i wear uggs, and even with socks and all the fur inside my feet are still ice cold. even if my body is warm. and i guess i don't notice it anymore, but while i was sitting in a movie theater a friend grabbed my hand and started freaking out about how cold my hands are even though everyone else was sweating.

    what could be the problem?
    i'm not diabetic.
    i used to smoke, but i've really cut down on that.
    i'm not tall either, i'm sixteen and 5'4 and somewhere around 130 lbs.
    i used to be 170 and started dieting three months ago, and i'm only noticing this problem now, anything to do with it?

    • ANSWER:
      poor a smoker or diabetic? that could be it. try doing a regular aerobics routine or something to get your blood pumping!

    How Do I Get Rid Of Stage Fright?
    I'm 13 years old, I love love to sing its my passion, I have this huuuge competition coming up which my friends forced me to join with them, I have one huuuge problem, I HAVE THE WORST STAGE FRIGHT IN THE WORLD!!! I don't know what happens, but my entire body feels numb, I start to feel light headed, I feel faint, my hands sweat, and my body goes cold and trembles, as well as my voice, I seeem to have it all!!! I looked up how to conquer stage fright but they all say picture people in their underwear, and all that stuff, I need REAL help, I am in dear need of it... I have the worst stage fright and i really need help...plzz plzz plzz plzz if u know ANYTHING plz write it down!! If u have any learning experiences that will help to!!!
    Thnx in advance :0 :0
    HELP!!:0 :0 :0 :0

    • ANSWER:
      I suffer with confidence, i never no if anything i do is good, i always have to aks and when it comes to standing in front of people, i have to no im good before i do it.

      Just take a deep breath, and make sure you drink plenty of water ( not too much, you may need to go ), Make sure you practice 3 times a day before the show.

      To start with, sing in front of a mirror, then once your more confident, Sing in front of a friend. Then sing in front of your family. And once you can do that, you should be ready.

      When you get on stage, take 3 deep breaths and then sing, don't hesitate. and don't laugh, and concentrate, If it helps, just imagine the time when you practice in your room. And just think to yourself that your singing with your friends in your room.

      Hope it helps and good luck xx

    I have clammy guys care?
    are there any treatments to excessive body sweat? I get on mostly underarms and hands for sure. I am 14 there anyway to grow out of it? It's frustrating and even when I have my hands on my jean legs for like three minutes they are cold because my hands are moist. And sometimes I'll just be sitting in my car and it's normal temperature and I can feel sweat roll down my arm. it is THE worst

    • ANSWER:

      I dated with a girl with clammy hands. Her hands would always be cold, and she would complain about it too. I actually made a joke about it every time she brought it up, simply because it didn't matter to me; apparently it was a big deal to her. If the guy likes you, he'll accept you and your clammy hands and mark it up as a silly little thing. If a guy makes a deal about it, find someone else.

    Why I get warm easily and sweat a lot?
    And when I turn the air conditioner on after 10 minutes my hands get cold and my body starts to shiver. Also, when I go out in a very hot summer day I get warm easily after 3 minutes walking on the streets I start to sweat and my head itches. I live in a very humid place, the humidity sometimes reaches 100% and is never below 80%, does that have something to do with that?

    • ANSWER:
      I can't deal with humidity well either. Your body is just reacting to temperature & humidity changes, our bodies sweat when its hot & shiver when its cold-its so your body maintains a constant temperature. If it would go up or down a few degrees then you'd feel sick.

    Please seriously critique this poem?
    Summer left them breathless and on fire; they melted together into winter like water forming ice.
    Hung suspended like icicles, looming over the giant space between them and reality.
    Gravity always wins. Gravity always wins. Gravity always wins.
    She feels nothing.
    Alone in her room bitter and cold as a ghost, ripped apart like magnets and hardened into the sharpest shards of stained glass.
    He feels strange girls pressed to his skin,
    perfume mixed chemical smells cold sweat unfamiliar bodies collide and she feels nothing not a thing for him or you or me.
    Her love tipped over the rim and exploded, spilling beyond the confines of glass into a pool on the floor.
    Mopped up like the mess she was.
    Now she smiles clean and sterile as a surgical procedure. They stitched up the cracks that kept cracking and the cuts that kept bleeding and the gears that weren’t turning quite right.
    She’s a brand new machine,
    tuned up and shiny with cold metal hands and a painted white smile. Clean and efficient as the air processed through her new fiberglass lungs.
    And she feels nothing not a thing.
    Heart filled with helium she’s deflated.
    A brand new machine.

    I KNOW, its a total mess. Please, what are your opinions on where it goes wrong. I like it, but I really need to get it together.

    • ANSWER:
      It doesn't go wrong. I love it as it is. I love the chaos in the poem's structure, it matches the chaos inside the poem. That feeling that everything is about to explode into a million pieces. To me it's perfect as is. But if you don't like it here's my suggestion: Put it away for a month or two then go back and read it over. Read it when you are supposed to be doing something else, and are absolutely bored with what you are supposed to be doing. Creativity flows best when it's not supposed to =)

    Adderall, caffeine and Prozac.. Did I just mess up my body?
    I had a Get Crunked energy drink at 9:00 this.. Well yesterday morning. Then I took a 20 mg adderall (quick release I believe.) then at about 10:15 I took 10 mg adderall and my 40 mg Prozac (which I take everyday). Then at 12 I chug a red bull. I snort 10 more mg of adderall. and between then and 3 I had an additional 2 red bulls.
    That comes to:
    4 energy drinks total - 432 mg caffeine
    adderall - 40 mg
    Prozac - 40 mg

    I'm a female, 17 and weigh 140.

    I experienced the cold sweats, chills, clammy hands and feet, headaches, stomach aches, and so on.

    I have another question that relates to this which would be really helpfull too because that has a big part of my question too.

    • ANSWER:

    What could cause numbness in hands and arms??
    I had all of these symptoms numbness as if they were (ASLEEP) the numbness tingling sensation goes up to my elbows and is 24 hrs a day none stop. I also feel faint and dizzy and have The same tingling and numbness in my legs, and occasionaly face. I break into cold sweats when symtoms get bad. I dont know if it matters but i delievered a baby 3 weeks ago and had an epidoral.

    I went to hospital they said it was carpal tunnel. I dont think it could be so because it is all over my body and the dizziness. They also perscribed motrin 600mg. and said that anti inflammatory would help. It hasn't helped at all. I think the didnt correctly determine what was wrong with me.

    • ANSWER:
      Ruptured or swollen disc in the spine, possibly the neck area , I had sergeory for this recently.